RiskSee – An intelligent risk visualization and collaboration platform

Organizations especially large corporates are facing much stricter regulatory environments, with more operational compliance in Conduct, Financial Crime, Risk Culture, and Privacy. RiskSee was born in the era of changing.

RiskSee offers an end-to-end solution to operational risk management:

      • Activity-level process modeling and warehousing
      • Risk, control and obligation management
      • Incident management
      • Dashboarding and visualization
      • Automatic risk identification powered by AI
      • Change Management

Unlike many complicated business software, simplicity is RiskSeeā€™s top design principle. It is hosted on AWS Cloud to maximize flexibility but no compromise on data security.

Horizontal view of risk and control

RiskSee introduces activity-level risk and control mapping. This level of granularity allows user to validate the risk and control from the bottom.

Key features:

      • Flow charts in BPMN 2.0 format as global standard
      • Hassle-free experience in creating new flow chart
      • User-friendly risk and control identification

Dashboarding and Visualization

RiskSee has a variety of dashboards and visulisation tools that facilitates insight generation, business reporting and workflow management.

Key features:

      • Centralised control room for C level users
      • Real-time monitoring of risk and controls, with data feed from ERM and process modelling tools
      • Summarize auto-detected risk and control for human review

Change Management and Governance

In the fast moving world, RiskSee helps company to incorporate changes without compromising on the flexibility and efficiency.

Key features:

      • Integrate first, second and third lines of defence
      • Relieve repeating BAU tasks
      • Establish single source of truth
      • All change requests captured in audit trail


Simplify how you manage operational risk

with industry-leading practice